2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Discover the perfect gifts for the culinary enthusiast in your life with Kitchens for Good’s 2023 holiday gift guide.

Kitchens for Good Candles: 9 ounces, $14

Kitchens for Good Candles come in a intoxicating, festive scents including Snickerdoodle and Magnolia Grapefruit. Packaged in rustic 9 ounce glass containers, these hand-poured soy candles are perfect for bringing a warm and cozy atmosphere to any room in the house. 

Kitchens for Good & Kismet Refining Red Wine Vinegar: 8 ounces, $20

Kitchens for Good & Kismet Refining partnered to create a limited-edition red wine vinegar, a versatile ingredient with a sharp and zippy taste that adds a delightful zing to dishes. Its tangy and robust flavor profile is perfect for salad dressings, marinades, sauces, pickling, deglazing pans, and brightening up stews and braises. Our red wine vinegar has a sharp acidity, which provides a pleasant tartness to any recipe. This vinegar’s acidity is balanced with subtle fruity and wine-like undertones, resulting in a complex flavor profile. 

Larry’s Aim High Vanilla: 4 ounces, $20

Larry, a Vietnam war veteran and Kitchens for Good baking apprentice, set out to create the perfect vanilla to take his baking to the next level. Larry’s Aim High Vanillas are created by hand in small batches and packaged in elegant glass bottles that keep best in a cool, dry place. This classic vanilla is a premium, all-natural extract with a rich, creamy flavor that perfectly matches any sweet treat. Larry’s Aim High Vanilla is an affordable way to bring a versatile, high-quality vanilla flavor home for the holidays. Try it out using some of our special Kitchens for Good recipes!

Kitchens for Good Hot Chocolate Mix: $8

For an indulgent hot chocolate experience, look no further than Kitchens for Good’s Hot Chocolate Mix, featuring the finest sustainably made chocolate provided by Luker Chocolate. Each sip is a journey through the rich chocolate heritage of Colombia. With Luker Chocolate’s over 100 years of experience and commitment to sustainability, this hand-made hot chocolate mix is a true embodiment of exceptional taste and purpose. Embrace the warmth and luxury of Luker Chocolate’s with Kitchens for Good’s Hot Chocolate Mix.

Group Cupcake Decorating Class: $65 per person

Kitchens for Good’s cupcake decorating class is a fun and educational experience that allows participants to learn the art of icing and decorating cupcakes with Chef Therese. In this interactive class, participants will be guided through the decorating process using foundational techniques such as piping and design planning. This class provides a great opportunity for individuals to unleash their creativity and gain versatile skills in cupcake decoration. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just for the love of baking, this class offers a unique experiential gift for friends a family.