All Food Has Power.

All People Have Potential.

Equipping people labeled as “unemployable” to launch meaningful careers


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Every human being deserves a chance to reach their potential.

When people have troubled pasts or complicated circumstances, they’re often labeled as “unemployable”. Whether they’re transitioning from incarceration, foster care, or homelessness, escaping domestic violence, or struggling with mental health or substance use, society has a tendency to cast them aside. So they feel stuck – powerless to escape a life of poverty.

At Kitchens for Good, we believe every human deserves a chance to reach their potential. Through our apprenticeship program, our apprentices gain the knife skills and life skills they need to launch meaningful careers, so they can move forward in life and make a positive impact on their communities.

The Kitchens for Good Recipe for Success

We train.

People in vulnerable circumstances enroll in our apprenticeship programs.

Apprentices practice.

Apprentices craft healthy meals to be distributed to hungry San Diegans and through our catering social enterprise.

Lives change.

Apprentices find meaningful employment, using their new skills to create a better life.

Sustainable Employment

9 out of 10 Kitchens for Good graduates find sustainable employment.


And there’s even more to celebrate…

Fighting Food Waste

We rescue cosmetically imperfect and surplus produce from wholesalers and farmers.

Since 2015, we’ve saved more than 80 tons of perfectly edible food from hitting the landfill.

Feeding the Hungry

Our apprentices are able to give back to the community by preparing nutritious meals for under-resourced children and seniors.

So far, our students have made over 300,000 meals for food insecure San Diegans.

Social Enterprise

Our apprentices get on-the-job training creating gourmet meals for our nonprofit catering business. All income is reinvested in our programs.

Our catering has wowed thousands of guests, from intimate dinner parties to corporate events.

Together, we can help people start again.

Unemployment rates among vulnerable populations in California are a staggering 20%-50%, and half of inmates released from prison are incarcerated again within three years.

Together, we can help people get unstuck and equip them to move forward into a meaningful future.

Jobs are important. Careers are Transformative. We work with apprentices for 20 months as they advance along a career pathway.

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