Mike is principal of Bottle Rocket Advisors, a business consultancy focused on helping companies grow sales, improve profitability, and scale up. Over the years, he has served on ten boards of for-profit and non-profit organizations. In addition, Mike has worked as a mentor of emerging entrepreneurs for Banco Santander Global X Award, Chairmen’s RoundTable, San Diego Sport Innovators, and TrepCamp of Mexico. He was founder of a cycling products company, and served as EVP Strategy, EVP Chief Financial Officer, and VP Marketing at WD-40 Company. He also held finance, marketing, and sales roles with Eli Lilly. He is co-host of What I Wish I Knew with Mike Irwin & Simon Daw where he and his UK-based partner share life lessons from conversations with educators, entrepreneurs, and difference makers.

Kitchens For Good works at the intersection of second chances and sustainability. By providing professional training and life skills, Kitchens for Good helps their apprentices achieve meaningful careers to support themselves and their families. It’s a mission of lasting impact that becomes evident with each new class and promotion ceremony. Mike is inspired by the apprentices who go through the program and the Kitchens for Good team who make it all happen.