Most memorable moment at Kitchens for Good: One of my most memorable moments at KFG was The Wasted Event that was held down at the Jacobs Center.. It was pretty awesome to see all the different Chef’s within our Community, come together and Compete against one another, and use our students help cook and create these dishes using kitchen scraps you would normally not use to create some pretty amazing dishes!
Our Community of Chef’s And Cooks are Awesome!!!

A funny cooking memory: I Have to say one of the Funniest cooking memories would be with my Gram.. We would always shop at a fruit farm in Poway, buying local seasonal fruit.. Well we purchased a ton of grapes this one day and my Gram decided we we’re going to make wine the Italian way.. You guessed it! We had a kiddie Pool freshly clean feet and I had to stomp the Grapes to make the wine!I still chuckle at this..