Catherine Blair is a retired Dean and Director of College Counseling from the Bishop’s School in La Jolla. After her retirement, she started Hummingbird Needlepoint, where she designs and paints original needlepoint canvases.

More than any other organization she has been associated with, Kitchens for Good most embodies the proverb, “give a person a fish they eat for a day; teach them HOW to fish and they eat for a lifetime.”   Kitchens for Good has been teaching people kitchen and hospitality skills as well as necessary life skills to help them not just eat, but pay the rent, take care of their families, and be self-sufficient for the past eight years. Their journeys on the way to finding Kitchens for Good have often been very difficult and disheartening. Just getting to our door is a huge accomplishment for many. Catherine is always re-energized by attending one of the Kitchens for Good “Promotion Days” where students are honored as they finish their classroom course and embark on their paid on-the-job training in one of many professional kitchens in the area. Hearing their stories and seeing the pride of their families and friends shows that they have already done so much more than learned how to fish.