About Us

About Us

About Us

Our Model

Kitchens for Good is a 501(c)(3) and social enterprise with the mission to break the cycles of food waste, hunger, and poverty through innovate solutions in workforce training, healthy food production, and social enterprise. Kitchens for Good bridges the gap between wasted food and hunger by rescuing  surplus and cosmetically imperfect food from wholesalers and farmers and engaging students in a culinary apprenticeship program to transform these ingredients into nutritious meals for hungry families. This approach addresses the most immediate need of hunger by feeding the food lines, but also helps to shorten the line itself by giving unemployed people the skills to become self-sufficient. Through the power of kitchens and cooking, our students transform their lives from one of addiction, incarceration, homelessness, and unemployment, to lives of stability, employment, and a brighter future.

Ultimately, KFG believes that kitchens can be economic engines for good in their communities. In addition to tackling issues of food waste, hunger and poverty, Kitchens for Good ensures its own sustainability by building a profitable food enterprise at the core of every kitchen. These enterprises include a robust catering and events operation, a line of retail condiments, and contract meal services. Through these enterprises we create job training opportunities for our culinary students, and generate profits to reinvest into social programs. Kitchens for Good breaks the mold of typical non-profits by generating 69% of its budget through social enterprise revenue, reducing its reliance on philanthropy.

Our Mission

Kitchens for Good breaks the cycles of food waste, poverty and hunger through innovative programs in workforce training, healthy food production, and social enterprise.

Our Vision

We believe that kitchens can be drivers of social and economic good in communities. With meals that not only feed, but improve the health of vulnerable residents, jobs that employ men and women previously perceived as unemployable, and a purchasing power that will support Southern California’s farmers and communities, we will effectively and profitably close the broken loops of our food system.

Our Values

Nourishing the Community

We understand hunger isn’t just about food.  Hunger is a symptom of poverty.  Our programs are designed to nourish the community as well as the body. By creating sustainably sourced, nutritious meals and providing job training and job opportunities, we commit to doing our part to address poverty and hunger.


We are dedicated to a business model that balances Organizational Sustainability with Mission Effectiveness. By committing to sustainability in all that we do, including local food sourcing and alternative revenue streams, we remain resilient to enable growth and to have a greater impact on hunger and self sufficiency in our community.


We encourage a spirit of trust and collaboration with those who share our vision of building a community of opportunity and equality. Developing relationships with farmers, workforce agencies, and regional nonprofits allows us to work towards a shared goal of reduced hunger and self-sufficiency. We think smart solutions have an exponentially greater impact when shared.


We embrace a culture of diversity and recognize that everyone has something to contribute and that all lives have value. Innovation requires a celebration of differences and similarities. We believe that diverse teams can achieve far greater results than individuals and encourage an environment of alliance and collaboration.


We believe in challenging the status quo. We embrace fearless innovation.  We pledge to constantly learn and evolve by utilizing research, feedback, and experience.  We take comfort in chaos and remain nimble and responsive to change.

Learn More About Our Programs

Reducing Food Waste

Utilizing Surplus and Cosmetically Imperfect Food

Culinary Job Training

Training People to Thrive in Careers in the Culinary Industry

Healthy Meals

Combatting Hunger with Nutritious Meals for Families in Need

Social Enterprise

Funding Programs, Creating Jobs, and Supporting Local Farmers

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