Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise

Out of our kitchen come several profitable endeavors, from Kitchens for Good Catering and Events, to contract meals for senior centers, to retail product lines. These social enterprises allow us to create jobs for our culinary graduates, source food from local farmers, and reinvest profits back into our programs.

Kitchens for Good Catering and Events

cateringWith the hospitality industry’s top professionals we work to bring our customers unforgettable, first-class catered events, while reinvesting all profits into creating good jobs and nourishing the community. Our professional staff works with you to create an amazing event filled with delicious locally sourced food that your guests will never forget. Our catering and events are based out of the Jacobs Center, where we operate over 18,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor events space.

Contract Meals

contract meals
Kitchens for Good delivers exceptional contract meal services to senior centers, afterschool programs, and larger agencies that prioritize scratch cooking, nutritious food, and local produce. Our client choice menus, irresistibly fresh dishes and responsiveness to client feedback have allowed us to grow particpation and improve customer satisfaction. Currently Kitchens for Good provides lunches daily at the Encinitas Senior Center.

Retail Products

retailKitchens for Good will soon be launching a line of baked goods as well as jams, jellies, pickles and condiments. Stay tuned for updates!

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