Dwan Miller

Receptionist and Event Assistant

Customer Services means more than just a “service”; Dwan likes to call it Customer Care. This goes beyond just the attention she gives to clients or consumers… This also goes for her coworkers as well, she feels the operators of any establishment, sets the tone of the environment. Dwan has been involved in every entity of “Customer Care” for over 20 years. At the early age of 13 she began teaching students dance; up to current, and she has played every position in the field of Hospitality, along with retail, PA jobs and more. Some of the most memorable establishments she has worked with were Highland Cigar Company in Atlanta Georgia; where she learned extensively about scotch/whiskeys and paring them with cigars. More recently, she’s worked for the Pardon My French Bar & Kitchen, where French cuisines are mastered and paired with authentic wines… Trips to distilleries and local farmers are among the best moments she can recall.  Above all Dwan feels the value and integrity a person holds for their self and that willingness to effortlessly give to others; creates an unspoken unity/bond. Dwan said,“I truly enjoy providing a great experience and here at Kitchens For Good… I am free to explore all of my levels of giving.”

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