Kitchens for Good Gift Set- SOLD OUT


We put together our most popular savory spreads to compose this delectable gift box.  Perfect for a holiday present, souvenirs, or simply for flavor and spice enthusiasts. The box includes our Apple of My IPA Jelly, Orange You Glad we Called It Marmalade, and Drunk Mustard. Beer and spice lovers rejoice- these items pack a punch and feature local craft brews.

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This delicious gift box includes our three most popular items: Apple of My IPA Jelly, Orange You Glad We Called it Marmalade, and Drunk Mustard.  See the product descriptions and best uses below.

Apple Of My IPA Jalapeno Jelly- One of our most unique combinations of flavors. Made with tart Granny Smith apples, red jalapenos, red bell pepper, apple cider vinegar, and local IPA beer. We use a nature pectin made from even more Granny Smith apples and lemons for a truly concentrated flavor. This jelly is versatile and can be used as a marinade, in sauces, as a glaze on pork or chicken, or just on an english muffin to give your breakfast a kick.

Orange You Glad We Called It Marmalade- We took the traditional Orange Marmalade and added just the right amount of crushed red pepper flakes to make a sweet spicy orange jam. Great on chicken, pork, lamb and beef. This sauce will be your secret ingredient!

Drunk Mustard– A strong , smooth, yellow mustard made with locally brewed IPA, dry mustard, and ground yellow mustard seed. Adds a great spice with a with hint of hops and horseradish on the palate. Use it anywhere you would use dijon.

Apple of My IPA- Granny Smith Apple, Red Bell Peppers,IPA Beer, Apple Cider Vinegar, Red Jalapenos Chillies.
Orange You Glad We Called it Marmalade- Oranges, Sugar, Lemon, Red Chile Flakes.
Drunk Mustard- Dry Mustard, Yellow Mustard Seeds, Apple Cider Vinegar, IPA Beer, Garlic, Brown Sugar, Salt, Spice.
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