Reducing Food Waste

Food Waste Reduction

Kitchens for Good is committed to help reduce food waste, a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions, by practicing root-to-stem and nose-to-tail cooking (using the whole ingredient) as much as is possible in a commercial and teaching kitchen environment. In partnership with a number of community organizations, Kitchens for Good is helping educate San Diegans on food waste issues and provide support to make both residential and commercial food waste reduction more accessible. If every San Diegan saved just one pound of food from going to waste each month, in one year, the carbon savings would be the equivalent of planting 600,000 trees! Plus, the average family of four can save $1,500 per year by reducing their food waste.

Our partner, San Diego Food System Alliance, runs a county-wide food waste awareness campaign called “Save the Food, San Diego!”. There are lots of useful tools at SaveTheFoodSD.org which make it easy to start reducing your food waste today:

    • Understand Confusing Date Labels
    • Use Proper Storage Techniques to Keep Food Fresher Longer
    • Storage of Seasonal Produce
    • Shop Smarter
    • Savvy Meal Planning
    • Practice Zero Waste Cooking

Many other great resources are offered via the national Save The Food campaign, which helped jumpstart our local “Save the Food, San Diego!”.

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