Reducing Food Waste

The Need:

  • In the United States, 40% of all edible food goes to waste.
  • This food waste is valued at more than $165 billion each year.
  • Food waste in landfills produces nearly 25% of U.S. methane emissions- a powerful greenhouse gas.

Our Program:

Project Reclaim

Kitchens for Good’s food rescue program, Project Reclaim, not only prevents thousands of pounds of produce from going to waste, but redistributes this food in the form of scratch-cooked, nutritious packaged meals to food-insecure San Diegans. The surplus and cosmetically imperfect food is rescued weekly from farmers markets and wholesalers. This product is brought to Kitchens for Good’s central kitchen, where it is sorted, washed and transformed into nutritious gourmet meals. The meals are prepared by volunteers as well as students in our culinary apprenticeship program, through which they gain the necessary skills to launch a career in the culinary industry after overcoming histories of incarceration, foster-care, and homelessness.

Kitchens for Good distributes these ready-to-eat meals to community feeding agencies that serve low-income seniors, children, and the homeless, thereby using an existing distribution system and expanding those agencies’ capacity. By processing perishable rescued food into healthy meals, Kitchens for Good extends the lifespan of the food, and better meets the needs of food-insecure San Diegans, many of whom as seniors, children, working families, or the homeless, are not equipped with the time, knowledge, capacity, or kitchen space to cook for themselves.

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Reducing Food Waste

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