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Are you looking for a reliable, skilled, and driven culinary professional for your team?

Kitchens for Good is a non-profit organization that offers a 20 month California state certified Apprenticeship program that prepares individuals to thrive in careers in the culinary, hospitality, and baking industries. The program combines hands-on kitchen training, workforce readiness instruction, and on-the-job training with Employer Partners to enable Apprentices to advance along a career path. With three apprenticeship programs–-Culinary, Baking and Hospitality– Kitchens for Good helps meet the needs of employers across San Diego.

Hire an Apprentice

To consider a Kitchens for Good Apprentice for current or future job openings, please contact us at kathie@kitchensforgood.org or fill out our Employment Availability Form.

How We Prepare Apprentices as Your Assets

Kitchens for Good ensures every Apprentice is committed and prepared for success in their career path through a thorough application, interview, and industry-focused training process. To ready our Apprentices to thrive at your organization, we equip them with:

  • 12 weeks of professional skill training and assessments, including: 
    • 100 hours of workforce readiness instruction including punctuality, teamwork, attitude, receiving feedback, and conflict resolution
    • 260 hours of technical and hands on training in core competencies of food safety and either Culinary, Baking, or Food Service Management skills
  • Experience in large scale meal production in a fast-paced kitchen 
  • Training and assessment in COVID-ready Safety Practices 
  • Food Handler’s Card 
  • California’s Sexual Harassment Prevention Certification
  • CPR / First Aid Certification
  • Workplace Safety training

Benefits of Apprenticeship

Employer partnerships are a dynamic collaboration with Kitchens for Good. Our team recruits and screens motivated individuals, provides industry informed training, assesses proficiencies, and then matches apprentices and employers based on scheduling availability, skill sets, and employer needs. Free of cost to employers, Kitchens for Good continues to provide ongoing support during the next 17 months of employment as Apprentices complete their on-the-job training hours. Benefits of hiring an Apprentice include:

  • Reduce Turnover- Apprenticeship programs are proven to reduce turnover rates and lower the cost of recruitment. With costly back of house recruitment cited as the greatest challenge that restaurant owners face (National Restaurant Association Survey 2018), apprenticeship offers a clear solution with a stable, reliable pipeline of qualified workers.
  • Ongoing Support- Our Career Services team is a phone call away to facilitate continued coaching and professional development on any identified behavior or performance issues. We schedule in-person visits to collaborate on assessments, and ensure the apprentice is meeting and excelling all required expectations.
  • Higher Productivity and Quality- Apprentices are well trained and assessed on industry proficiencies, food safety practices, and professional workplace behavior.

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