Healthy Meals

Healthy Meals

Healthy Meals


1 in 6 people in San Diego are food insecure.

460,000 individuals in San Diego County, including more than 160,000 children, are unsure where their next meal will come from.

Hunger has increased 80% among seniors in the last decade.

Research has also shown that food insecurity disproportionately impacts low-income populations and is directly linked to poor health outcomes and diseases.



Kitchens for Good works to combat hunger by using rescued and cosmetically imperfect food to prepare nutritious meals and products for San Diego’s most vulnerable populations. Project Nourish distributes 50,000 nutritious meals annually, prepared by Kitchens for Good culinary students and volunteers, to local social service agencies that serve food-insecure clients. Social service partners include homeless programs, programs for low-income seniors, and after-school and summer meal programs for low income youth. We are committed to assisting local nonprofits leverage their limited resources and provide the community with more nutritious and accessible options.

Meals are provided in individually packaged trays, either ready to eat or frozen, with an attractive label describing the meal, ingredients, nutritional information and reheating instructions. Kitchens for Good chefs and staff work diligently to create menus weekly that are nutritious, culturally appropriate, and appetizing.

If you are a social service agency interested in distributing Project Nourish meals, please email

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