Sergio Alvarez

Sergio Alvarez is an accomplished executive with strong entrepreneurial spirit. He is the President of San Diego’s largest electronics reverse logistics company, Total Technology Results. Previously, he was Chuao Chocolatier’s CEO where he executed one of the most recognized turn-arounds in the premium chocolate bar industry.

As President of Total Technology Results, Mr. Alvarez is responsible for finding strategic and operational ways to enable the company to reach its nine figure revenue goal by 2020. Previously, as CEO​ of Chuao Chocolatier, Sergio orchestrated an impressive turnaround of an unprofitable local 3-store chocolate company ​to ​become ​the 8th largest chocolate bar maker in USA​. Chuao is now sold in over 20,000 locations and known for its fun and high-quality flavor combinations.

​Prior to Chuao Chocolatier, Mr. Alvarez spent 15 years traveling the world for Hewlett Packard working in a variety of leading edge teams including R&D, high-volume manufacturing, warranty prevention, Technical Marketing, and global supply chain and operations. He ended his tenure at HP managing a global team that contributed over $400 million in cost elimination in just 12 months.

In addition to serving on the board of Kitchen’s for Good, Sergio has also been an Entrepreneur Organization’s Board member since 2013 and was recognized as 2015 CEO of the year by EO San Diego​.

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