Shaun Flak is a veteran of the war in Iraq.  After returning from war, Shaun struggled to adjust back to civilian life, suffering from PTSD and depression and eventually homeless. With some experience working as a waiter and bartender in his career, he knew he had a passion to be in the kitchen, and wanted to not only get a job, but make this his career.  Shaun was one of the strongest students in the class, always volunteering to stay late or come in early to help out.  He greatly appreciated the workforce readiness classes, as he had been a long time out of work.  He showed clear leadership qualities and great attitude.  Upon graduation, Shaun had three job offers at various kitchens, and after some deliberation, he chose to work at Scripps Hospital making $13.50 an hour.  Just two months after graduating, Shaun has been promoted to Supervisor, making $24 an hour with full benefits. Shaun remains involved in Kitchens for Good as the chair of the Giving Back Committee of the Alumni Program.

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