Healthy Meals

Healthy Meals

Healthy Meals


1 in 5 people in San Diego are food insecure.

460,000 individuals in San Diego County, including more than 160,000 children, are unsure where their next meal will come from.

Hunger has increased 80% among seniors in the last decade.

Each year Food Banks must throw away thousands of pounds of donated nutritious produce that are too ripe to distribute.  Simultaneously food banks must spend tens of thousands of dollars to purchase items like tomato sauce and fresh produce.



Kitchens for Good works to combat hunger by using rescued and cosmetically imperfect food to prepare nutritious meals and products for San Diego’s most vulnerable populations.  Meals are distributed through partner social service agencies all across San Diego County in the areas of highest need. We are committed to assisting local nonprofits leverage their limited resources and provide the community with more nutritious and accessible options. Our goal is to provide food-insecure communities, specifically seniors, with nutritious, delicious, and ethnically suitable meals that will minimize the time and cost associated with buying and cooking healthy ingredients. Our meals and products will be made available to after school programs, food pantries, senior centers, and other social service providers. We are piloting this program in partnership with Heavens Windows, a local food pantry, providing hundreds of meals weekly for their home-bound seniors, and homeless populations, and at risk youth.
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