Summer is just starting. Here are some ideas on how to take picnicking to a whole other level.



We live in a world that revolves around social media. Décor is a huge part of any Summer / picnic party. To spice up your picnic, try using your imagination. The current trends at parties involve a lot of décor and a lot color. Try using boxes, crates, mason jars to create a beautiful event.



Like the décor, the aesthetic of the food is also a huge part of throwing an amazing summer picnic. You have to make sure your food is Instagram worthy. To take great pictures of your food there has to be good lighting and a good angle. Avoid shadows in your pictures. Taking a very simple meal and making it aesthetically pleasing will change the way food is displayed. Another way to minimize your labor is to cater your picnic. Catering your picnic can be an easy way to reduce your labor and to maximize the aesthetic of your food. Kitchens for Good is the perfect caterer to host your next picnic.


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